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The Risk-Based Budgeting Formula Guiding Illinois’ Mask Campaign

Real-Time Data from Illinois’ 102 Counties Drives Media Spend in Statewide Awareness Campaign

all in illinois headerFrom the beginning of the pandemic, Governor Pritzker has said Illinois’ coronavirus response will be guided by the data and science.

In order to have the greatest effect in the areas that need it most, the It Only Works If You Wear It mask awareness campaign uses a risk-based budgeting formula that concentrates media dollars in the areas with the greatest risk from COVID-19.

Using the trends of cases and mobility on the county level, the formula ranks counties into five tiers of risk and three tiers for media placement to maintain efficiency. Priority counties (Tiers 1 and 2) receive the maximum amount of funding, medium risk counties (Tier 3) receive an elevated funding level, and lower risk counties (Tiers 4 and 5) receive baseline funding. The funding model was built to ensure all counties have ample coverage of this vital public health messaging while the campaign evolves with the on-the-ground conditions in communities across the state.