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Phase 4 Guidelines for Reopening 

To prepare businesses and employers to implement new and updated safety guidelines in Phase 4, the State of Illinois has developed a set of resources that businesses can use to ensure that operations and activities are conducted in accordance with the latest public health recommendations.

Each industry tab includes a common set of guidelines that are expected and encouraged among all employers and activity types, as well as workplace and program-specific guidelines.

As Illinois moves towards our new normal, the administration is outlining clear metrics and mitigations that will allow the state to continue with a gradual reopening. For more on the bridge to Phase 5 and expanded capacity limits in Phase 4 – see this overview document.

Office - Person at Desk - DCEO Restore Illinois


Non-customer-facing offices such as: legal; accounting services; architectural/engineering design; and other professional services.

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DCEO restore website icons Phase 4 zoos and museums


Establishments primarily engaged in the preservation and exhibition of live plant and animal life displays.

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Personal Care - Woman Getting Haircut - DCEO Restore Illinois

Personal Care Services

Hair salons, hair braiders, barber shops, nail salons, spas, massage therapy clinics, waxing centers, tattoo parlors.

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museum image new musuems


Establishments primarily engaged in the preservation and exhibition of objects of historical, cultural, and/or educational value.

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theaters image new theaters

Theaters and Performing Arts

Seated theaters, cinemas, and performing arts centers primarily engaged in showing live or pre-recorded performances.

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DCEO restore website icons Phase 4 r2 spectator sports

Film Production

Stage and location operations that support the production of film and television.

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indoor outdoor dining image

Indoor and Outdoor Dining

Indoor and outdoor dining at restaurants and bars with tables spaced 6-feet apart and other special rules.

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Roller Skating indoor sports copy

Indoor and Outdoor Recreation

Customer-facing establishments primarily engaged in providing indoor and outdoor recreational and amusement services.

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Health and Fitness - Woman Walking - DCEO Restore Illinois

Health and Fitness Centers

Gyms, fitness centers, yoga, dance, cycling, pilates, barre studios, and other customer-facing fitness centers.

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Service - Reception Window - DCEO Restore Illinois

Service Counters

Stores providing assorted services for dropped off goods, such as: dry cleaners; electronics repair shops; shoe repair shops; car washes.

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Retail - Woman Shopping - DCEO Restore Illinois


Retailers and merchandisers such as: grocery stores; hardware stores; clothing stores; pharmacies; department stores.

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Manufacturing - Factory - DCEO Restore Illinois


Manufacturing facilities such as plants, factories and mills.

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Youth Sports - Father & Son with Football - DCEO Restore Illinois

Youth and Adult Sports Guidelines

Youth and adult sports games or matches, group sports lessons, recreational team or group sports practices.

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Summer Programs - Cabin - DCEO Restore Illinois

Day and Overnight Camps

Day and overnight camps not licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) including recreational day camps, educational day camps, and religious day camps.

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Spectator Event Illustration 02

Seated Spectator Events

Seated sports venues, arenas, stadiums, facilities, fields or courts engaged in showing live sports games.

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Social Events new03.18

Social Events

Hotel ballrooms, banquet centers, as well as other indoor and outdoor event venues. Excludes arenas, stadiums, and other mass gathering venues.

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Amusement Parks and museums new03.18

Amusement Parks

Customer-facing amusement parks primarily engaged in providing outdoor and indoor recreational and amusement services (e.g., roller coaster rides).

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Farmers Markets new03.18

Outdoor Markets and Festivals

Outdoor markets & festivals with multiple stations, vendors, or attractions. Examples include flea markets, swap meets, festivals, block parties, and state fairs.

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Tradeshows new03.18

Meetings, Conventions and Trade Shows

Hotel meeting rooms, convention centers, arenas, and large-scale meeting rooms.

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Poster Resources - Restore Illinois Phase 3

Signage Resources

Keep your workers safe in the workplace and limit the spread of COVID-19 with these helpful signs.