Restore Illinois

A Public Approach to Safely Reopening
Our State

In May, the State of Illinois implemented the Restore Illinois framework to provide communities and businesses with safety guidance that would allow industries and key activities to resume safely, while bringing many Illinois residents back to work.

With Illinois communities facing a second surge of COVID-19 cases, additional public health mitigations have been put into place to prevent community spread, to protect communities as well as businesses, and to prevent hospital capacity from being overrun. These tiered mitigation measures outline temporary restrictions and operating guidelines by region, as informed by the latest public health data that is monitored regularly by state and local health officials. More information can be found in the guidelines linked below.

Through adherence to the mitigations, Illinois communities have made progress in reducing community spread over the past several months, allowing for some of the 11 public health regions to begin lifting restrictions as of January 15, 2021. An overview of mitigations currently in effect can be found below, as well as an overview of guidelines for operating in Tiers 1 through 3. IDPH will continue monitoring the health metrics on a rolling basis to help regions advance to Tier 1, and then ultimately back to Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois plan.





Region Guidelines Mitigation Measures
Region 1 Phase 4 guidance effective Jan 25th. n/a
Region 2 Phase 4 guidance effective Jan 25th. n/a
Region 3 Phase 4 guidance effective Jan 18. n/a
Region 4 Phase 4 guidance effective Feb 4th. n/a
Region 5 Phase 4 guidance effective Jan 18th. n/a
Region 6 Phase 4 guidance effective Jan 21st. n/a
Region 7 Phase 4 guidance effective Feb 1st. n/a
Region 8 Phase 4 guidance effective Feb 3rd. n/a
Region 9 Phase 4 guidance effective Feb 3rd. n/a
Region 10 Phase 4 guidance effective Feb 2nd. n/a
Region 11 Phase 4 guidance effective Jan 31st. n/a

More on the Restore Illinois framework:

Restore Illinois is about saving lives and livelihoods. This plan will guide the reopening of our state, using public health metrics and with distinct business, education, and recreation activities characterizing each phase. This five-phased plan recognizes that the economy will start growing again when consumers feel that it is safe to return to work, shop and dine out, and engage in social and recreational activities.

To facilitate a tailored emergency response to meet local health needs, the Restore Illinois framework has established 11 public health regions and implements mitigation based on local risk level. To address the rapid spread of COVID-19 in Illinois, new statewide Tier 3 mitigations were issued for all 11 regions.  Regions will leave Tier 3 mitigations when the region achieves the metrics established by the Illinois Department of Public Health and a review of data from a 14-day monitoring period.

Read more about the plan here.

For the latest information on how COVID-19 is affecting or resurging in your community, see the map below. Additionally, which phase of the Restore Illinois plan your region is in, what additional restrictions may be in place, as well as guidelines permitting businesses and industries to operate with IDPH-approved safety guidance in place can be found below.

If sustained increases in health metrics are continually observed, further mitigations could be added and will be noted in the table below. Businesses within the region(s) under more restrictive mitigation measures are responsible for making adjustments to their operations in accordance with the posted mitigation measures.

Poster Resources - Restore Illinois Phase 3

Industry Toolkits

DCEO is providing industry-specific toolkits for various industries based on which phase of the plan your region is currently in. Browse the resources below to download checklists, signage, and guidelines created for those industries permitted to reopen in Phase 4. 

**Please note that businesses and communities should continue to refer to the above Tier 3 mitigations guidelines, which supersede standard Phase 4 guidance on operations, until further notice.  If the Tier 3 mitigations is silent on an issue, please utilize the Phase 4 guidance**